I want to be a judge because I have the qualifications, experience, and values to serve.

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Milwaukee County needs judges who can fairly apply the law, ensure we care about the needs of kids and victims, and treat everyone with respect. I am deeply concerned with keeping our community safe, and I’m also insistent on issues of equality and equity. Judges must be full partners in addressing the opioid crisis and we must address mass incarceration. We can find better solutions to save taxpayer resources and make our community stronger.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. When I was a young child, my father would take me to court hearings or have me sit in his office while he worked. He was a small-town attorney serving his community.

After earning my undergraduate degree, I attended Marquette University Law School. While there I worked as both a paralegal and an intern at the Milwaukee County District Attorney office. I helped write the Wisconsin Domestic Violence Prosecutor’s Manual, which is still used by prosecutors in the District Attorney’s office. While I was still in law school, I prosecuted misdemeanor and domestic violence cases on behalf of the state of Wisconsin under the third year practice rule. The hands-on legal experience I gained as an intern with the District Attorney’s office was truly priceless and was the best classroom for learning the practice of law.

After graduation from law school, I practiced law with my father, Gerald Kiefer, at Kiefer Law Office. Just like dad, I served small-town communities. I was assistant town attorney for the Town of Wayne and assistant village attorney for the Village of Kewaskum. I gained broad experience in all areas of the law, from real estate to trial litigation, to wills and estate planning.

I then returned to the District Attorney’s office in Milwaukee County, where I’ve worked for more than 15 years. Every day, I help children in the foster care system find permanence in stable and loving homes. This work is both challenging and fulfilling. It’s my job to advocate for just outcomes for these vulnerable children, and it’s wonderful to see them settled in loving homes.

I have been successful as a lawyer, having litigated hundreds of trials, and I’ve had the honor of arguing at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. (As a prosecutor we don't "win", we seek that justice is done.) I’ve also been active in the community. I’ve held numerous leadership positions in the Association for Women Lawyers and on committees of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and I’ve also been a local volunteer through the Polish History Alliance, the Rotary Club, and in my children’s school and Girl Scout Troop. My husband Paul is a union worker for Southwest Airlines, and we have two children.

I ask for your vote on April 7!